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Roots Mission Inc. was established, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in response to a great need within the Native American churches of Christ. As an organization, we're striving to improve mission efforts throughout Reservation lands, and more broadly in Domestic mission works in general, both in our reach and effectiveness. 


Root's mission is about discovering the best practices and putting them in the hands of our brothers and sisters who are in the trenches fighting for souls every day. We are recruiting more workers, equipping them for action, preparing the fields, and hopefully reaping a harvest in eternity.


At Roots Mission, we are trying to approach the mission field as students first. We’re learning from our missionaries on the ground, as well as from the Navajo people and culture. We're learning from our history and the history of the Navajo church. We're learning from our mistakes, successes, and failures. We're learning from our brotherhood schools. We're learning from other mission sites around the globe. Above all else, we're striving to learn from God's Word. 


The model for being successful in missions isn't complicated or new, it's been outlined in the book of Acts for centuries. Knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it are often very different things. Roots Mission was founded to start working alongside our missionaries and to bring about a greater harvest through partnership. Being a missionary is a full-time job all on its own.


Missionaries are expected to spend their time “with their boots on the ground” tending the soil and spreading the seed, as it should be. However, that makes it awfully difficult to recruit more workers from outside of the mission field. It makes personal spiritual growth challenging. It makes networking and finding resources near impossible. The very nature of mission work becomes an obstacle to success without teamwork.


The Apostle Paul had a team. Moses had a team. Jesus had a team. The Biblical pattern for a congregation of the Lord's church is described as a team.  Roots Mission was founded to be sure that our domestic missionaries have a team.

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