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Burnt Corn mountain church of christ

The Burn Corn Mountain Church of Christ has a small number of believers with an average of 20 people in attendance on Sunday mornings. The congregation has no missionary/preacher and is just trying their best to read and to follow the Word of God. That approach is refreshing in its innocent oblivion to the traditions we can all cling too closely too, but as you'd expect, it's far from perfect as these new converts struggle to understand Christianity. The Ethiopian eunuch probably hits pretty close to home here with his words "How can I understand with no one to guide me?" ​​

how you can help:​

Burn Corn Mountain is in need of teachers, preachers, as well as Bibles, Hymn books, and teaching materials for all ages. If you can help or give in any way, please contact us or Rosita at 928-349-1207

Keep the development of this congregation in your prayers. 

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