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tuba city church of christ

The church in Tuba City is ripe with opportunity for the gospel. It's not without its challenges as the town is divided between Navajo and Hopi lands, even observing different time zones. The city may be separated, but the church has been unified in its desire to help the needy and to show them, Christ.


The mission site here at Tuba City was established in 1974 by Don & Ann Tullis. They had spent a few years working on the Reservation already. They began the work in Kayenta (about 60 miles east of Tuba City) in 1971, then moved out to help the new work in Montezuma Creek in 1973 and finally settled in Tuba City in 1974.

Over the years, there has been incredible stability at some of our mission sites because of long stints by mission workers. Tuba City is one of the beneficiaries of that having seen Paul & Anne Ghee work with the local church for 24 years. The work and facilities that remain to this day are a testament to the efforts of the Ghee family and their service to the church in Tuba City. 

The church in Tuba City has become well known in the community for striving to meet the needs of the people. (A good thing to be known for indeed) They've maintained, for years, a wood cutting service for the town. As many people on the Reservation rely on wood stoves for heat, this meets a tremendous need. The church has also built a strong reputation in the community for reaching out to find a place for young people to fit in. 

Eric and tracy kee

Eric and Tracy have been living and working in Tuba City, AZ since February of 2014. Eric is the full-time minister for the Tuba City congregation, taking over after the unexpected passing of his predecessor and mentor Paul Ghee the previous spring. 

Eric grew up in Tuba City and was first introduced to the church through short-term mission teams. As groups began to spend time around the church in the summer, so did Eric. He was eventually baptized and made his way to Harding University. After graduation, he moved to Florence, Italy for a missions opportunity. It was in Florence that he met his wife Tracy, who was also there through Harding.

Over the past few years, they have breathed life into a community where the church has tremendous potential to grow. They've been especially good at bringing in young people and getting them engaged in helping their community.   

They have three children; two boys, Cayden and Silas, and a little girl, Ava.

service times

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 1008

Tuba City, AZ 86045


The mission site is at:

133 Peshlakai Ave.Tuba City, AZ 86045

Sunday Worship: 10 AM

Sunday in Homes: 6:30 PMWednesday Teen Night: 7 PM

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